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The perfect wedding begins at Wade's

Wade's Foods has complete wedding packages, including a delicious wedding cake, beautiful flowers for the wedding and the wedding party, and plenty of food for your reception for 75 to 100 guests.

We can customize your package to meet your needs.
Call our Deli to help plan your wedding and for prices.

Wade's Wedding Package

For 75-100 Guests

Item How Many
Large Ham Biscuit Tray* 3
Large Sandwich Tray* 3
Large Relish Tray* 2
Large Mixed Wing Tray* 3
Large Fruit/Cheese Tray* 3
Steamship Flat, Sliced (15# avg. wt. before cooking) 1
Dinner Rolls 9 doz.


Wedding Cake-Dotted Swiss 1
Cake Top-Spiral Glass Pearl 1


Party Punch 4
Ginger Ale, 3 liter 4
Mints, 8 oz. 4
Mixed Nuts, 12 oz. 6
Bride's Bouquet 1
Bride's Throwaway Bouquet 1
Bridesmaid's Bouquet 3
Flower Girl's Basket 1
Groom's Boutonniere 1
Groomsmens' Boutonniere 3
Ring Bearer's Boutonniere and Pillow 1
Ladies' Corsage 8
Men's Boutonniere 5
Flower Baskets-Large 2
Pew Bows 4
*See our Party Tray sheet for descriptions (requires Adobe Acrobat Reader--if you don't have it, download it for FREE).

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